A Healthy Business Starts With A Solid Foundation

Without the protections that having a formal business structure provides, you put yourself and your business at considerable risk. Take charge of your future today.

What We Do

Your business is unique to you but the way in which you structure it is not. When deciding which business structure best works for your business, know that each structure has specific components that are unique to them and your choice should depend on what you plan to do with your business. That is where we come in. Let us help you understand your options and set a path forward that works best for you.


Business Formation Package

No matter the structure of your business, there are certain key components that must be filed with both state and local government officials. The forms can be confusing and you want a team that can help you navigate the process. We make things simple by creating and filing the necessary documents to get your business up and running.

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Contract Drafting & Negotiations

Every business needs well-drafted contracts in order to be successful. The task of drafting and negotiating contracts is the life-blood of every business. At Curly Girl Law, we provide high-quality legal services that are efficient and cost-effective and our clients are confident in about ability to negotiate agreements on their behalf.

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Why Choosing A Business Structure Matters?

If you want to take your business to the next level, it's time to formally file the paperwork with your state to officially launch your company. At Curly Girl Law, we get to know you and your business goals and formulate a plan that best suits your needs based on five key considerations.

Why Business Contracts Matter.

If you're in business you are either negotiating terms of new contracts or signing on to existing contracts. Contracts go hand-in-hand with every decision you make in your company. Having solid legal advice to help guide you through the process of creating and negotiating contacts that will protect your interests and accomplish your goals.


General Counsel Subscription Plan.

Designed for startups and small businesses that require ongoing legal support, but not to the extent that would justify hiring an in-house attorney. The Curly Girl Law General Counsel Subscription Plan is designed to bridge that gap by offering all of the services included in our other subscription plans in one all-inclusive package.

Build Your Business On A Solid Foundation

Single and Multi-Member LLCs

Confidentiality Agreements


Service Agreements

General and Limited Partnerships

Non-Profit Formation

Rental Agreements

Work-For-Hire Agreements

Employment Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

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We know you might not be ready to tackle your intellectual property issues right away, but we feel it is essential to at least know your options and a path forward.