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What We Do Best

Curly Girl Law offers a variety of legal services that can be packaged together or purchased a la carte. The majority of our services are offered on a flat-fee basis which provides our clients with the highest level of confidence that he or she will receive efficient and effective legal services without surprising fees. 


Trademark Registration

Includes clearance search, preliminary report, application filing, and non-substantive administrative action responses.


Trade Secrets Package

Includes drafting policies and procedures for third-party contractors, distributors, and suppliers, drafting access control policies for employees, and employee training. 


Copyright Registration

Includes client intake and materials organization, application filing, and non-substantive responses to administrative requests. 


IP Licensing Agreements & Releases

Includes drafting and reviewing licensing agreements for IP assets; drafting and reviewing release agreements and other IP-related contracts.

The Curly Girl Law Difference

Our clients know that we care about getting them their desired results and keeping them informed and updated every step of the way. We don't half-do anything we do for our clients.

Limited Liability Company

Includes articles of organization, operating agreement, publication notice, tradename filing (County), SS-4 filing (IRS), business license (County), and meeting records.

General & Limited Partnership

Includes partnership agreement, by-laws, consent agreements, business license (county), tradename filing (county), publication notice, and meeting records. 

S-Corporation (S-Corp) & Non-Profit Formation

Includes articles of incorporation, by-laws, board consent, publication notice, SS-4 filing (IRS), business license (County), tradename filing (County), and meeting records.

Contract Drafting and Review

Includes drafting and/or reviewing terms of agreements, suggesting alterations or sub-agreement terms, and negotiating contract terms.

The Curly Girl Law Difference

Our clients know that we care about getting them their desired results and keeping them informed and updated every step of the way. We don't half-do anything we do for our clients.

Campaign Finance Disclosures

Review campaign finance disclosure documents, make recommendations for changes to disclosure forms and advise on issues related to GA campaign finance laws.

FEC Campaign Finance Disclosures

Review campaign finance disclosure documents, recommend changes to disclosure forms, and advise on issues related to federal campaign finance laws.

Campaign Finance Staff Training

Provide comprehensive campaign finance training to campaign staff, provide reference guides for use by staff members, and serve as on-call counsel for campaign finance-related questions. 

Advisory Opinions & Administrative Actions

Includes drafting advisory opinion requests, advocating changes to ethics laws, and responding to administrative actions in relation to filing disclosures.

The Curly Girl Law Difference

When you engage Curly Girl Law, we prioritize your understanding of your legal issues and make sure you are consistently informed about the manner in which your legal matter is handled.



It starts with a 30-minute consultation. When you schedule a consultation to meet with us, there’s no obligation to hire the firm. The goal of a consultation with our firm is for you to walk away with all the information you need about your situation so that you’re empowered to make a decision for a path forward – even if that decision means taking no action right away.

Just like you, I am an entrepreneur and whenever I engage the services of other companies, I like to know ahead of time the amount I will be charged for the service. Managing project budgets is a key component for any business owner when making decisions. As an attorney, focusing on the overall quality of the legal services I provide versus the number of hours I bill each client ultimately results in more efficient and transparent legal services for my clients. From time to time and depending on the nature of the legal service I'm providing, I will charge clients by the hour. However, this is only done after the client is given a clear estimate of the total amount of time I anticipate working on the matter and the client agrees to hourly billing for the matter. 

At Curly Girl Law, the trademark registration process is broken into two parts. Phase one consists of a comprehensive preliminary search of the proposed mark within multiple databases to better gauge the likelihood of success with registering your mark. This phase typically ranges from $800 to $1200 depending on several factors specific to the mark. Phase two consists of actually filing the application with the USPTO and responding to administrative office actions. Because this phase is less predictable, the range can vary from $1200 to $3500, and that's not including more substantive responses to office actions.

One thing you might be thinking is that your business is too small or too new to even begin thinking about registering it with the Georgia Secretary of State. Formalizing the structure of your business is a major decision, but oftentimes new entrepreneurs don’t know where to start. While there are many reasons why I would suggest filing the paperwork and formally starting your business, the major reason is liability protection. 

Whether you are a candidate, political action committee, or civically minded individual or group of individuals, if you want to raise and spend money to influence the outcome of an election you need to understand the rules and regulations surrounding campaign finance compliance.  The consequences of failing to establish a plan for how campaign dollars will flow through a campaign, and the do's and dont's related to how those dollars may be spent can be dire. At Curly Girl Law, we make the complexities of campaign finance law understandable and help you develop a strategy for running a compliant campaign.