Empowering Your Voice in the Halls of Power

Curly Girl Law® is where your advocacy needs meet expertise and commitment. With experience in high-stakes legal and policy environments, our approach is tailored, proactive, and results-driven.


Coalition Development & Management

Curly Girl Law excels in crafting powerful coalitions, bringing together a dynamic mix of individuals, community leaders, interest groups, trade associations, and corporations. Our years of expertise in grassroots organizing and coalition building fortify our client's stance, leveraging the reputation of established organizations. We effectively disseminate messages through a variety of platforms, reaching communities nationwide. Our ability to identify and engage overlooked groups and voices, integrating them into a cohesive coalition, is unmatched. Furthermore, our enduring relationships from numerous campaigns provide us with an extensive network of people and organizations ready to be mobilized for new initiatives.

Strategic Advocacy

We specialize in crafting impactful strategic advocacy programs tailored to our client's needs. Utilizing the full arsenal of tactics from robust federal or statewide political campaigns, we are adept at ensuring successful outcomes. Working in sync with our clients, we handle every facet of a campaign, from shaping and propelling a compelling narrative to forging and mobilizing extensive, varied grassroots coalitions. We are also skilled in swaying public opinion and garnering support through meticulously orchestrated paid and earned media campaigns. Our team's extensive experience and expertise in influencing public opinion and driving collective action are critical factors in achieving our clients' objectives.


Government & Legislative Affairs

We offer specialized government and legislative affairs services, leveraging a deep understanding of legal and policy intricacies. We utilize prior federal and state government experience to assist our clients in developing and implementing potent strategies that resonate with policymakers, helping to build robust support for their positions and to navigate complex legislative environments effectively. Our strategic and comprehensive approach ensures that your advocacy needs are addressed with precision and professionalism. At Curly Girl Law, we don't just represent your interests; we actively engage in shaping the policy landscape to align with your goals.

Media Channel Planning & Communications

At Curly Girl Law, our media channel planning and communications services are designed to align precisely with our client's unique objectives. From the outset and throughout a campaign, we engage closely with our clients to understand their goals fully, keep them informed about market trends, and provide clear expectations regarding the media process. We meticulously choose the most suitable media platforms to effectively reach specific target audiences, utilizing cutting-edge consumer, behavioral, and voter data to develop comprehensive multi-tiered media strategies. Our team continuously monitors the media landscape, gathering intelligence and providing our clients with detailed, current insights into their competitors' media expenditures and strategies. This thorough, data-driven approach ensures our clients’ messages are not only heard but resonate powerfully with their intended audience.


Ready to elevate your advocacy efforts?

With experience in high-stakes legal and policy environments, our approach is tailored, proactive, and results-driven. Partner with us for a journey towards impactful change and policy success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin shaping the future with Curly Girl Law.