Campaign Finance Compliance Is NOT A Partisan Issue

Take control of campaign finance compliance with an array of services designed specifically for political operatives and enthusiast.

What We Do

We remove the intimidation factor associated with campaign finance compliance and show you the tools you need to comply with campaign finance rules and procedures. After working with us, your political expenditure committee's internal communications, workflows & reporting practices will improve because they will have been built on a solid foundation.


Candidates & Committees

Sloppy campaign accounting practices are a political gift to your opposition. A few "minor" accounting errors on your campaign disclosure reports is no laughing matter and may cause distrust among potential voters. You need a plan of attack for when, not if, that happens.

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Political Action Committees

The prominence of political action committees has continued to rise with each new election cycle. The battle of ideas goes far beyond traditional political party lines. PACs allow for greater intersectionality across varying constituencies.

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Independent Expenditure Committees

SuperPACs, also known as independent expenditure committees, continue to make a major impact on state and federal elections. While the reporting requirements are less stringent than other committees, don't get become complacent.

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Avoid Reporting Mistakes.

A political campaign is as good as the people running it behind the scenes. A candidate's staff is the lifeblood of the campaign and without them, calls aren’t returned, deadlines are missed, and events don’t happen.  Effectively organizing your campaign's infrastructure from the outset will save you time and energy over the course of an election cycle.

Get Behind-The-Scenes Help For Your PACs.

It is one thing to be passionate about a candidate or political issue, but it is a completely different ballgame to effectively manage a political action committee. To do so requires more than passion. Let us help you implement Curly Girl Law Three-Step Compliance Plan with your fundraising team and set your political committee up for success.


Maintain Your Status as an Independent Committee

Strategic political messaging is key to building momentum for any political movement or idea. Voters need to feel connected to the message in order to become invested in your movement and your mission. Maintaining your unique voice while at the same time complying with all rules governing independent committees is just as important.

Going Beyond Campaign Finance Compliance

Advanced Compliance Training For Staff

Political Ad and Publication  Compliance Review

Committee Formation & Registration

Disclosure Report Review

1 on 1 Compliance Coaching

Compliance Defense

Advisory Opinion Requests and Comments

Periodic Compliance Checks 

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We know you might not be ready to tackle your campaign finance compliance issues but won't go away by themselves. It is essential to at least know your options and plan a path forward.